Our passion for premium and top-quality flowers can be delivered to you as a service.

We offer a corporate floral service customised to the needs of your business and space, and reflecting our unique aesthetics. Flowers are designed specifically for their surrounding area so they can be the most suitable style and selection possible.

Our flowers are perfect for corporate environments, restaurants, hotels, houses, and other similar spaces. We work with you to create a space that is as welcoming, elegant, and fashionable as you need.

We can provide flowers any day of the working week.

All our fresh floral displays are maintenance free. Our designers carefully ensure you do not have to worry about them. However some flowers especially in hotter months do require a bit of water, just a top up in your vase once a week will be enough.

Our corporate rates start from as low as $50 per week for a small arrangement. A standard arrangement which many of our customers prefer will cost $80 per week. These prices include delivery and vase hire. More outstanding exquisite displays start at $100 per week.

Try our service and be amazed by our style and service!

Our breathtaking flowers will improve any area.


We have a selection of packages available to help make beautifying your work space a breeze!

Silver Package

Our baseline package

A beautiful $70 arrangement delivered to your office either weekly or fortnightly.

Choose a specific colour way and or style or let our florists and their creative flair create an arrangement suited to the space

Gold Package

This is our medium package and includes two options

  1. One arrangement to the value of $100 delivered
  2.  Two arrangements @ either $50 each or $60 &  a smaller posie in a vase for $40 – perfect for a reception coffee table and counter. Choose a specific colour and style or let our florists create an arrangement suited to the space

Diamond Package

Our Grande package is all about florals, we will supply florals to the value of $200 each week or fortnight

This package includes a visit from us weekly to check on our designs to ensure they stay looking in tip top shape.

The flowers can be in either one large arrangement or multiple smaller ones. We will tailor this to suit your business space and needs

Tailor Made

Chat to us about your needs and we can create a package to suit your budget and requirements. This can also include the use of plants as well as florals.

Follow us into our secret garden

Every flower and gift Sentiments sends out, is right for that time and right for that occasion. That’s what makes it special

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